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Regardless of whether you want to make money by offering a fleet tracking service to your clients or save costs by monitoring the position of your company vehicles Fleetware is the perfect solution for You!

The geographical position of your company's or clients' phones and vehicles can be easily monitored on the web with Fleetware. Get the positions of your vehicles with exact street names and house numbers based on GSM technology positioning* or their GPS coordinates.

Do you want instant savings on your vehicle fleet?

ITware Ltd. developer of Fleetware provides the software customized to your needs and ready for use. After installation, you can get exact information on the location, telemetric data, fuel level, state of ignition, tachograph values and a lot more information on all your vehicles, which enable you to rationalize your fleet costs.

Do you want to offer fleet tracking services as a telecom provider or as a service provider?

As a telecom provider or a software service provider you can broaden the variety of services you offer to your clients with an exciting new application! FLEETware Fleet Tracking solution can be an additional source of income for your company. ITware offers you a fully customizable solution.

What's good about FLEETware in practice?

The great advantage of Fleetware is not only recording exact locations, but in making the movement of the fleet visible; showing kilometre efficiency and thus enabling cost optimization. Naturally, the position of all monitored vehicles can be viewed on a map as well. An automatic electronic mileage report can be prepared based on the GPS data; furthermore, integration with a third party logistics or workforce management system is possible as well, with the help of the web service interface.

The completely automated GSM and GPS positioning can be integrated, and the data gathered are suitable for preparing advanced statistics or even exporting to Excel or to a data warehouse. In case of mobile positioning (GSM based tracking), there is no need to install GPS devices, which enables the set-up of a very cost-efficient system.

The advantage of the FLEETware monitoring service is the predictable cost for the end-user and that it makes multi-level pricing possible for mobile operators and service providers serving their customers.

What's new in 2011 version?

  • FLEETware is tested and Scaled for usage from one man operations to fleet with thousands of tracking devices.
  • FLEETware - Track your fleet and watch the movement Usable everywhere on any continent.
  • FLEETware uses the Google Maps based GIS subsystem live. The most widely used map software, which is available around the globe.
  • FLEETware now features geofancing and asset tracking. Software provides easy surveillance and alerts when modems enter or exit selected areas.
  • FLEETware is customizable and handles a wide variety of telemetric data, including: fuel level, consumption, ignition, oil pressure, acceleration, door open/close, moving/parking, engine go/stop, etc.
  • FLEETware provides easy integration with open interface for 3rd party applications. Now you can personalize your application for ERP or work force management, amongst others.
  • FLEETware handles a wide variety of modem devices, from low budget solutions to high end modems. Basically any kind of GPS-GPRS modem can be used via the open WS interface.
  • FLEETware provides mobile phone positioning w/o mobile operator. No need for any GPS device installation.

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