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Created on 15 July 2016

What is container technology?


Container technology has been rapidly gaining popularity and is becoming one of the fastest growing technology trends in this decade. This technology has existed since the eighties, however, it has only started gaining popularity in the last few years. The reason for this is that a whole ecosystem has been built around it, it has been standardized, and made easy to use.


Created on 30 June 2016

Microservices originally came about for the purpose of helping developers solve frustrations toward large applications that require cycle changes to be tied together. In a monolithic service oriented architecture, any minor change meant that the entire monolith would need to be rebuilt, therefore causing rebuilds to happen often. Unlike the monolithic approach, a microservice architecture approach allows each microservice to run a unique process and usually manages its own database. This provides development teams with the opportunity to use a more decentralized approach for building software as well as allowing each service to be managed independently.


Created on 06 May 2016

ITware kindly invites you to the Japan IT Week Spring 2016 exhibition, the most prestigious Japanese IT tradeshow with more than 1.470 exhibitors, organized in Tokyo between 11 and 13 of May where our company will participate as an exhibitor.




Created on 20 October 2015

MEET US AT ITweek Autumn 2015!

After last year’s success we exhibit again at ITweek!

We were glad to experience high interest in our booth during last year’s exhibition. This year we create another chance to meet our crew at the 1st IoT/M2M Expo Autumn.


Created on 23 September 2015
The rushing red jewel of software development

The Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails web application framework created by David Heinemeier Hansson was originally released in 2004. In the past more than a decade it became very popular thanks to the ‘Don’t repeat yourself’ and the ‘Convention over Configuration’ principles just to mention a few of its advantages.


Created on 10 September 2015

We developed the chat application running on the world’s most visited website for Docler Holding. ITware joined the development of the Communitiy Support Chat (CSC) helpdesk application used by Jasmin Support to keep in touch with their clients. The main goal of the project was to increase stability and maximize user experience of the communication between the technical support team and clients.


Created on 29 April 2015

This presentation tries to reveals exactly how long it takes to build a cross-platform, quality, native mobile application. Based on a survey and our own experiences. :)


Created on 06 March 2015

ITware’s M2M work in Kojimori solution have been described in a research paper by Professor Kunio Ohno from Polytechnic University, Japan and presented in the 2015 February research society meeting of IIEEJ (The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan) in Wakayama University, Japan.


Created on 02 March 2015
ITware contributes to mHealth in Japan

Last week in Tokyo 32 medical radar sensor devices have been successfully connected at the same time.
The mHealth driver for the operation has been designed by ITware’s Software Engineers for the project of our Japanese partner.


Created on 02 June 2014

MKB-MVM Veszprém KC mobile app with APPaware technology

APPaware starts to rise: The newest Business App made with APPaware is now available in Google Play. The App was created for the famous handball team of Veszprém, with the sponsorship of Telekom: