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ITware is proud to announce one of the biggest telecommunication service’s online project, was developed with our experts, and as a result of the hard work, long days & months , it went live with success last month!


The purpose of the project was to form a new 100% online low-budget, which is also competitive with cheaper service providers.


The Director of the telecommunication company was proud of the major achievements of the project as he stated, “With such a short run (7 months) from such a small budget, such a project has not yet been implemented. It is a pleasure to go to market at the planned time, so the project is a success, not just on paper but in the real life too.


During the project, the core business components (like mobile billing and CRM system developed by ITware) were duplicated into a separate and new infrastructure. Also, you can find new developments in the project like the Angular 2 based web UI, tested by ITware.


From ITware 7developers/architects and 4 testers worked on the project, with their hard work and dedication the project is now live and successful!