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In today’s modern society, the use of multimedia surrounds us everywhere. The role of multimedia in our everyday life has incredible importance, as it is anything and everything that you watch and listen in the form of video, audio, text, sound, graphics, photographs, and much more. The incredible advances and breakthroughs in technology during the past decade has resulted in vast opportunities to utilize and incorporate multimedia in IT, as well as an increased amount of pressure to do so.


At ITware we use an agile methodology in order to encourage creative innovation and continuously evolve. In doing so, we recognize the importance of multimedia solutions in this industry and have incorporated it in many of our projects and solutions.


One very significant area of multimedia is video streaming, as it has become incredibly poplar in the last few years. There has been an explosion of video streaming services that is outpacing traditional cable TV by a long shot. Services like Netflix and Hulu have achieved tremendous success in this sector. In 2015 Netflix grew by 29% into a 5.1-billion-dollar industry, while the cable, satellite, and TV industry grew only 3%. Video streaming for communication or surveillance purposes has also seen incredible advances due to the cloud and advances in ‘Smart’ technologies.


ITware has recognized the growth and importance of video streaming in the IT sector, therefore we have created the following applications/solutions:



MOTIware: An advanced mobile TV product, pointing in the direction of digital convergence, which adds new opportunities, connections and community experiences to the television programs broadcasted with various technologies, all through your mobile phone. This application provides viewers with a true experience; by using the customized channels they get relevant contents and the social functions (chat, program recommendations, ratings) offer real, personal experience – all this on an attractive, easy-to-use user interface. This platform provides standardized, IP-based multimedia services and an application development system.



Docler Holding Jasmine Cam Application: A live video streaming application that we have created for Doclor. The Docler support center can monitor all the live streams continuously and are able to adjust the camera settings such as brightness, shutter speed, contrast, exposure, etc. Additional features include two-way text based chat and two-way audio.


CamMiner: CamMiner is an intelligent, cloud-based video analytics and surveillance tool that helps you keep an eye on what really matters to you, from anywhere. This survielience sytem allows you to convieniently review everything that happened in your home or view what is happening in real time from any of your devices. CamMiner can record up to 30 days of footage that you can access anywhere, any time.


Another fast-growing category in multimedia is multimedia messaging platforms. This is particularly increasing in popularity in business, as good communication within a company, as well as with customers is key to running a successful business. Multimedia messaging platforms reached an ultimate high in 2014 and continues to grow immensely. These platforms have allowed companies to efficiently and effectively communicate with a larger audience at a faster speed. This has many benefits including, being able to run a company more proficiently with effective communication efforts, as well as getting continuous feedback from customers, allowing businesses to improve their product or service in order to meet customer needs.


At ITware we recognize the need to improve communication efforts in order to succeed, therefore we have created the following solutions.



SMSware: SMSware is an application that our company has created which allows users to reach the possibility of short message communication with their clients, business partners, and colleagues. The application ensures your connection with the center of mobile providers and enables your messages to be controlled from a reliable internet surface. The set-up is modular and has multifunctional capabilities. Customers can use it has a simple message sending system or use it as an interactive sending system where more than a thousand messages can be sent.




Jasmine Support Chat Application: We developed the chat application running on the world’s most visited website for Docler Holding. ITware joined the development of the Communitiy Support Chat (CSC) helpdesk application used by Jasmin Support to keep in touch with their clients. The main goal of the project was to increase stability and maximize user experience of the communication between the technical support team and clients.


Music streaming is another core area in multimedia that has progressed immensely in the last few years. Many companies have achieved great success in tapping into this market, the largest ones being Spotify, Apple with Apple Music, and Shazam. At ITware we have created a similar solution to Shazam, however, our solution is a server-side internal service, whereas Shazam is a mobile application. This service was built for Docler, the main purpose of this service is so that Docler can identify if copyrighted music is being utilized in promotional material. Doclor wanted to achieve complete independency from any external service like Shazam, therefore we provided them with an internal service. The project was built on Echoprint, which is an open-source sound sample storing and recognition project.


Another area in multimedia that is growing significantly is e-books and the adoption of specialized e-book reading devices. Individuals can now access a vast number of books on their e-book reading devices without needing to carry around heavy books and textbooks wherever they go.


At ITware, we recognized the opportunity in this market and therefore, we have created the following project for one of our clients.




As part of a greenfield project, developing an online publication management portal, that includes Converting, Content management, Purchasing and Display modules.


From the customer's perspective: We can buy, share or receive online and downloadable books from the school that can be stored on our bookshelf where we can read them and take notes.


From the publisher's perspective: We can upload new publications to the system in a secure way. Moreover, we have the possibility to view and maintain customer/publication/look and feel related processes.


The central element of the application is the book viewer where we can read and page the online publications.