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Created on 18 January 2017

The Digital Age and the Future of IT

Information technology has come a long way in the past decade, we are now in the midst of the digital revolution, where information technology is one in which data is king. The rate of new innovation in IT has changed the way individuals operate in every aspect of life. Old business models are now being shattered, with disruption driving new innovation, new ways of thinking through problems and new solutions.


Created on 20 December 2016

Industry 4.0 and the “Smart Factory”

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution and consists of the trends in data and cloud computing technologies, the internet of things, and automation. These technologies and systems are the driving force of the digital revolution. This revolution has already begun to spread across industries globally and it has been predicted that it will benefit production immensely due to increased connectivity across businesses, transforming manual factories into smart factories.


Created on 07 December 2016

Infected by Agile – The Importance of an Agile Mindset

At ITware, we have regular meetups discussing different IT related topics of interest or of importance. At our most recent meetup one of our colleagues demonstrated a presentation on how Mr. Dárdai Pál (the coach of Hertha BSC football club) has marched to success with the help of his agile mindset.


Created on 18 November 2016

ITware in Japan: Case Study

Due to ITware’s successful entry into the Japanese market, ITware is now published on the EU Japan centers website! The case study that was published explains why we have chosen to do business in Japan, the steps we have taken, challenges we have faced, and the next steps to be taken. However, in order to view the case study, you have to be a member of the Japanese centers website, therefore we have decided to post the case study here as well for our viewers to see.



Created on 04 November 2016

FLEETware helped catch a group of car thieves!

A wood processing company’s employee woke up to a surprise in late September. As his usual daily routine he wanted to travel to work with his company car. Arriving at the place where he parked the car the previous evening, he was stunned to realize the vehicle was nowhere to be found. It was shocking for him to discover that such a thing can actually happen to him. Instead of idling, he decided to act. He knew the vehicle – deep inside its body - was installed with FLEETware vehicle tracking service, so his first order of business was to check on the online interface where the car is at the moment.



Created on 19 October 2016

The Future of Test Automation

What Is Test Automation?


Automated testing has been around for many years, in order to develop software, you need to test your products, yet every delivered software always has defects. Using manual testing, test engineers will attempt to detect these defects, however they frequently creep in and reappear. You can use the best manual testing processes and still run into these problems. Test automation is the process of utilizing software tools to execute pre-made test scripts to complete various tasks on a software application. The ultimate goal of test automation is to minimize the amount of effort required for manual testing. Test automation increases efficiency, coverage and the effectiveness of your software testing, while also improving the quality of your product.


Created on 23 August 2016

Choosing Cloud Service Providers: Amazon Vs OpenStack

Choosing a cloud based platform is a common struggle for many users, as there are many factors to consider. In this article we will compare and contrast two of the most popular cloud based platforms, Amazon Web Services and OpenStack, in order to assist individuals on making the decision that best suits their needs. We will also share the reasons for our company’s choice in cloud providers, as well as how we use these services.


Created on 16 August 2016

Continuous Integration and Deployment at ITware

At ITware we continuously strive to deliver top quality solutions for our customers. Our Continuous Integration (CI) solutions cover all the main required steps such as static code inspection with Sonar, automated unit integration, functional testing, and automatic Docker image creation. We use continuous integration for many of our customers including global video streaming companies as well as telecommunications companies. Our CI process ensures low complexity, high level of quality assurance, rapid development and automatic deployment.